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New Balance since its inception in 1906, adhering to the spirit of manufacturing excellence products, constantly in the scientific and technological materials, product appearance and comfort continue to make progress. With a high sense of responsibility, to create an athlete willing to wear, the staff happy to create, the community is willing to support the international brand.

"To high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, the spirit of teamwork to operate, in order to become high-tech", adhere to the production of multi-width, high degree of shoes: This is designed for human nature, but also the most basic care , To bring every consumer the most comfortable close to the shoe type.

All along, the new balance company is extremely committed to the shoe-making process. So far, a experienced 111 years of wind and rain brand, still continue to emerging technology, tireless development of more ergonomic shoes. In pursuit of extreme comfort shoes feel as the goal, combined with popular design feel, New Balance has become a perfect representative of retro and innovation. As the leader of the global sports brand, New Balance sticks to the high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, teamwork spirit of the company, in the scientific and technological materials, product appearance and comfort on the continuous innovation and progress for each movement to the largest Limit their own sports potential, enjoy a comfortable life and make unremitting efforts.

New Balance is different from other sports brand shoes, another major feature is the size of the diverse choice - New Balance to provide the same size of different width, narrow, standard and wide three, and in the narrow and wide Different degrees, so pick a pair of New Balance shoes will be wearing a very comfortable feeling.

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The full manufacturers guarantee are followed all products purchased from our store giving you peace of mind if something should ever go wrong. Any shoes sold via the website and complies with the SAFEBUY regulations for internet trading, offers a 14 - 30 days money back guarantee on. as to more information on refunds, cancellations and general terms of sale, please see our Terms and conditions page.

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